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Collection Sort

Automatic and Manual Collection Sort

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Facebook Product Feed

Create and Synchronize product feed

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Bulk Manage Product

Manage all products in three steps

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Collection Sort

Collection Sort is an app that can increase your productivity. Its main function is to help you quickly and efficiently manage the product ordering under the Collection,
help you quickly find potential products, give it more display opportunities, and more importantly, it can help you provide customer conversion rate.
Automatic Random Sort
Manual Random Sort
Smart Collection Select
Multi-product Simultaneous Sorting
Multi-product Rapid Positioning
PC & M Mode
  • Accessing the same Collections at different time periods will reveal different products, giving shoppers a fresh sense, rather than a constant sense of boredom
  • If you are not sure that some products will become your best seller products, you can try to click 'random sort'
  • Use multiple product ids to quickly search for a collection containing this product, One-click settings only show manual sorting and quick positioning of the Collection.
  • Support check multiple products while moving, clicking the top & bottom button, moving to designated locations, and quickly moving products to the desired location.
  • Enter Multi-product IDs, separated by commas, to help you quickly locate selected products.
  • One-click simulate the effect of a customer accessing one shop collection page using PC or iMac computer or mobile phone.

Facebook Product Feed

Facebook Product Feed app synchronize your products information to Facebook Product Catalog & also help you to create Dynamic Product Ads to show your product ads to the facebook audience.
Facebook Variables in Feed
Shop: Shop Name
Brand: Brand of Product
id: Product Id
Availability: Availability of

Condition: Item Condition
Item Group Id: Product Id Of Variant
Product Type: Type of Product
Price: Product Price
Sale Price: Product Sale Price
MPN: Variant SKU
Title: Title of Product
Description: Description of Product
Link: Product Link
Image Link: Featured Image Link
Additional Image Link: Extra Product Image Link
Shipping Weight: Shipping Weight of Variant
Collection: Product Collection
Inventory: Product Inventory

Bulk Manage Product

More flexible multi-condition query
One config to perform multiple modifications
One Click Recovery
Timed execution & Timed restore